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Thank you for an incredible 2016!



Our Vision is to give every homeless and destitute person a second chance in life.

Our objective is to ensure that we decrease the number of homeless and destitute people living on the streets in Durban.


The Wellness Centre Trust

November- December 2016 Edition

Letter from our Founder

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every person who has contributed to the vision of The Wellness Centre Trust of giving the homeless and destitute a second chance in life by assisting them off the streets and into society on a sustainable level. They say it takes a village to raise a child, well it certainly takes a team of people to uplift, educate and disciple an individual from a life of striving to seeing them thriving.

So, THANK YOU to all our donors, volunteers, organisations who have partnered with us for skills development programmes, administrators, cooks, employees and a special thank you to my very supportive husband and children. 2016 has been a great year!

Just to briefly mention a few activities that we have done in 2016 such as our continuous sponsoring of ID cards and social grants being awarded to individuals. We have sent our candidates on courses such as sewing, cabling, crocheting, life skills and soft skills. All these provide a starting point for achieving a sustainable income. We also have wonderful testimonies of people starting jobs and family reconciliations.
We continue into 2017 to love these individuals and give them hope where there was absolute hopelessness and that they may truly have a second chance in life. I pray that each individual that comes into contact with The Wellness Centre Trust in whatever capacity will be blessed.

Merry Christmas and may 2017 be the best year yet!
Warm regards,



In preparation for our last gathering of 2016, we requested the community and friends of The Wellness Centre Trust to donate a “Care Kit” for the homeless and destitute as a special gift this Christmas.  Up to one week before the deadline, we had not received one response on our request.  In faith, our team decided to order the goods with the possibility of paying from our limited resources.

Soon after, our prayers were answered when Sindi Harris, the HR Officer for SAGE, contacted us and asked how they may assist.  Sindi and her team from SAGE collected, paid for and packed Care Kits for 180 homeless and destitute people.  We were honoured as they joined us on the 4th of December 2016 to hand out the Care Kits!

On behalf of our CEO, staff and volunteer, but most of all our beneficiaries, we extend our sincere gratitude to SAGE for their support.  A special thank you to Sindi and her team, for their time and contribution to making this Christmas time a little more special for the homeless and destitute people of Durban!  May you be blessed for your generosity!







31 Club will be funding five of our beneficiaries for accredited Plumbing Training for 2 weeks in January 2017.  This is an incredible opportunity where they will learn the theoretical and practical skills to find employment and become financially independent.  Their training includes on-site accommodation, but we appeal to our friends and supporters to assist them with any of the following needs:

  • Pillow
  • Blankets
  • Bed sheet
  • Bath towel
  • Face cloth
  • Basic toiletries
  • Cutlery

These men have been screened and selected as the best candidates and are looking forward to the training.  It was such an inspiration to see their excitement as they tried on their training overall uniforms and shoes for the first time.  This is the start of a brand new beginning for each of them!

Thank you to 31 Club for your continued support and investment in the skills development of our beneficiaries!


  • Oros
  • polystyrene cups
  • Pens
  • Food items towards the meals such as: Samp, chicken, beef, vegetables, rice
  • Plastic spoons, plastic forks


Ways to get involved:

  • Financial donations
  • In-Kind donations
  • Volunteer time and/ or services
  • Sponsor a beneficiary
  • Host fundraising event on our behalf


  • Section 18A Tax Certificate  for tax benefits
  • BB-BEE Scorecard Points

Donations can be made to the following account:
Standard Bank
The Wellness Centre Trust
Durban North Branch
Account Number : 370424557
Swift Code: SBZA ZA JJ

Please email proof of payment to

Can’t believe how quickly the first three months of the year has flown by!

The Wellness Centre turned two in February 2016 and we celebrated during one of our Sunday services with a selection of cup cakes, freshly baked by all our volunteers.

Our weekly Sunday services are going strong with attendees growing weekly.

Meals on wheels now supply us with 120 meals a week! The meals are freshly prepared, and super healthy.

Eugene continues taking candidates down to Home Affairs to apply for their ID books.

We are Durban will be partnering with us again this year and is assisting us with getting donations for ID’s. See more below.

Should you wish to donate to the Wellness Centre or to specific projects, please find our banking details below or via paypal:

Standard Bank: The Wellness Centre Trust

Durban North Branch

Account Number : 370424557

100% of all donations are used directly to assist the Homeless.

More on specific projects (in pictures) we are working on below…enjoy 🙂

We are so blessed to have Dumisani with us. He’s been attending the Sunday services, and out of the blue, volunteered to help out with praise and worship. Praise and worship has never been the same again and everyone loves him. 

Vusi (above) has been with the Wellness Centre for over a year. Here he is seen attending a bread making lesson (sour dough bread). He was taught by Brad Wills.

We are working with the Florida road UIP on a project that has been started in Morningside. Assisting vagrants on the street to become salaried parking monitors. The Wellness Centre Trust is running a discipleship / mentorship and skills development programme over 5 weeks to help them successfully transition back into society. The UIP is busy with a 12 month vetting process on the road followed by CV creation and putting them into various workplaces with working references.

We had 5 new sewing candidates start with Bernie, with possible placement for work should they succeed. Seen here with Eugene (left) and Bernie (right)

As we draw 2015 to a close with Sunday 6 December as our last Sunday service for the year, we look back at 2015 and wow, what a busy year it has been! 

  • February – we turn 1!
  • February – ID drive
  • February – Life Skills & Discipleship
  • March – Babtisms
  • Eugene joins our team permanently
  • Meals on wheels partners with us
  • Winter blanket & clothing drive
  • Sunday services & worship
  • ID’s
  • Nelson Mandela Day
  • September – Discipleship & skills
  • October – Babtisms

CLICK HERE to view our youtube video – our year in review!

Our last Sunday at The Wellness Centre until January. A Big Thank you to Meals on Wheels for the Christmas lunch they cooked and baked for our guys. We also handed out toys to our ladies and gents so they can in turn give a present to their children for Christmas. A big thank you to our volunteers and may you have a wonderful Christmas.)