From barely surviving… to THRIVING

Assisting homeless and destitute people to develop into contributing members of society

"We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference." - Nelson Mandela
Make every day a Mandela day <3
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Can you help us?
We are looking for donations of Household Goods such as kettles, hotplates to cook on, pots, pans, cups, plates, cutlery, towels, soap.
When our candidates get a job or are following a course, we set them up with accommodation so that they are self sufficient and can focus on their career.
If you have secondhand household goods that you don't use anymore, please drop them off at our Drop-off point:
5C park Boulevard centre
11 Brownsdrift Road off Riverside Road
Durban North
Thank you so much!
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5 days ago

The Wellness Centre Trust

Congratulations!! We are so proud of our 13 candidates! They have all passed their 9 week Business Growth & Emmaus Road Course organized by Grace Aid.

The Emmaus Road course covered:
- Pursuing truth & hunger
- Learning to develop character
- Created for work
- money matters
- Made for relationship
- My spiritual hunger
- Conversations with God
- Stewardship in my life.
And the Business Growth course covered:
- Branding,
- Understanding costs,
- Record keeping charts,
- Networking,
- Planning, Advertising and Promotions
- Understanding profits
- Sourcing raw materials

Thank you all who made it possible for our candidates!
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We received a donation of winter clothing from The Fix a division of TFG-The Foschini Group.
In the picture you can see Ashana Abraham (left) and Joelene Naidoo (right) handing the clothes over to our very own Franck.
Our candidates will be very happy with some warm clothes for this winter.
Thank you very much!
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Our Vision
To see every homeless and destitute person in Durban off the streets and into society on a sustainable level, so that these individuals become valuable contributing members of society. According to the Human Sciences Research Council’s (HSRC) survey done in 2016, there are approximately 4000 homeless people living in Durban.
Our Solution
Not just hand outs and making the homeless and destitute more dependent and “attracting” them to a specific area. Rather to equip them, provide life skills, assist with job opportunities and be the support to them in their journey to become financially sustainable. By partnering with other organisations we provide skills development, job opportunities and mentorship.
This is how we impact the community ...
We believe we can make a positive impact in Durban and beyond by: Assisting in creating a safer city. Decrease the number of homeless and destitute people living on the streets. Enriching the community by providing skilled individuals who will be valuable contributing members of society. Breaking the poverty cycle in these individuals lives so that their children will not end up on the streets.

We would like to increase the vision beyond Durban into KwaZulu-Natal and into South Africa.

  • Context
    There is an estimated 4 000 homeless and destitute people on the streets of Durban and statistics reflect that 87% of these are black of with 88% male. The main reason why many homeless and destitute end up on the streets is their constant search for employment. This number includes immigrants from other provinces as well as locals from Durban.
    Lives Impacted to date
  • Encourage
    A homeless / destitute person who joins the programme is sponsored with an ID document.
    Number of ID’s distributed to date
  • Educate
    Assist in identifying and applying for job opportunities or enabling them to earn an income through our comprehensive skills development programme.
    Skills Development Programs
    Lives Impacted to date
  • Minister
    Every Sunday afternoon we run a church whereby over 100 homeless and destitute people come together to worship, hear the word of God, be encouraged and we pray together.
    Average number of attendees
  • Nourish
    Weekly provision of nutritious, cooked meal with beverage before gathering for all attendees.
    Number of meals provided to date
    < 150
    Number of weekly meels
  • Support
    Our field worker works one-on-one with individuals and visits our homeless candidates where they “stay”.
    Target number of lives impacted
    Weekly meetings
  • Guide
    Providing a comprehensive mentorship and life skills development programme to ensure the emotional, psychological and social restoration of each person.
    Lives Impacted to date
    Target number of lives impacted
  • Impact
    Knowledge of people in need of assistance and understanding their circumstances is key to solving their problems.
    1 425 and Growing
    People currently on database
    4 000
    Target number of lives impacted

Getting Involved

Financial donations
The Wellness Centre Trust is a Public Benefit Organisation that is Section
18A approved by SARS, therefore any quantifiable donation (up to 10% of
the company’s taxable income), that is made to The Wellness Centre
Trust, is tax deductible.  
Donations can be made to the following account:
Standard Bank: The Wellness Centre Trust
Durban North Branch
Account Number : 370424557
Swift Code: SBZA ZA JJ
Please email proof of payment to
In-Kind donations
You will receive recognition on all our marketing platforms as a friend of
The Wellness Centre Trust and a contributor to the transformation of our city!
Volunteer time or services
Volunteers enhance our capacity on various levels of operation.  Volunteers become
ambassadors for The Wellness Centre Trust, but more than that, they become our friends!
BB-BEE and SED Funding
The Wellness Centre Trust strives to uplift and eradicate poverty in the
communities of Durban. Through partnering with us your company will be
able to contribute towards your SED elements on the BB-BEE scorecard.
Sponsor a beneficiary
Adopt one of our beneficiaries and support him or her in their journey to
success through financial sponsorship, mentorship or employment opportunities.
Host fundraising event
The Wellness Centre Trust strives to uplift and eradicate
poverty in the communities of Durban. Through partnering
with us your company will be able to contribute towards
your SED elements on the BB-BEE scorecard.